It’s a Miniature World

Sometimes I don’t bother to get my real camera out of the bag. In those cases I use my point & shoot Canon Ixus 130, which is basically a mobile phone camera disguised as a camera. If I had the money for it, I would have upgraded my Canon Ixus to one of those new Canon pocket size cameras where you can change the lens and shoot in RAW, but that’s propbably not going to happen (diapers, food, mortgage, electricity, etc, etc.).


Anyway, the last week I’ve been shooting photos using the miniture settings on the camera. In this gallery most of the photos have the fake miniature effect.

21 thoughts on “It’s a Miniature World

    • Check it out. It’s very convenient when it’s in the point & shoot camera already: that way you don’t have to go through Photoshop or any other software to achieve the effect.

    • Thanks. I didn’t share much expertise in here though, just a few snap shots. I wish you a great week too. I’ve had the most insane day with flights and no sleep, so I’m all blurry now 🙂

  1. Hey, I just looked up the Ixus 130. That miniaturization feature is pretty impressive. It converts extremely efficiently and convincingly in most shots it’s applied to.

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