Baby Feet in B&W


I’m travelling at the moment (go see the world, take photos etc). This photo is my entry for Leanne & Laura’s Monochrome Madness Project. Check out all the entries here:

24 thoughts on “Baby Feet in B&W

  1. Love it Cardinal. One thing I regret, is not having the proper equipment to take these images of my boys when they were babies.

    Great group of shots this week on Leanne’s post, eh?

    Enjoy the travels, and looking forward to seeing some of the results.

    • Thanks a lot Shane! I’m glad I have a proper camera and the knowledge on how to use it. I discussed photography with my uncle, who’s pretty much travelled the whole world, and he said he regrets that he didn’t learn photography, so that he could have some quality photos from all his trips. He’s got a lot of photos, but they’re all point & shoot…

      There were plenty of good photos in the challenge this week (and a lot of entries as well, which is very nice), but since I’m travelling I haven’t had the time to visit the blogs and write comments. I’ll be back in my online routine shortly and catch up then 🙂

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