Østblokka – The Eastern Bloc

Last week I entered this photo for Leanne & Laura’s «Monochrome Madness Challenge». 
Østblokka - The Eastern Bloc

Østblokka – The Eastern Bloc

The unofficial name (which is basically only used/known by locals) of this apartment complex in Oslo is «Østblokka».
Østblokka means Eastern Bloc and it refers to the architectural style of the building, which resembles the style used in the old communist countries of Europe – in the Eastern Block. 
Make sure to check out Leanne and Laura’s Monochrome Madness. This week I sent them a B&W photo of some kids that are playing football in Jerusalem – some you might have seen it in my blog before, but there’s a lot of entries from other bloggers that are worth a look.

23 thoughts on “Østblokka – The Eastern Bloc

  1. I’ve seen many pictures of that archtectural style, and have noticed the how the attempt to design such buildings with extreme efficiency even affects their aesthetics. They look ultra-simple yet intimidatingly robust, like big clay monsters; golem.

    • Thank you. The metal fence is there to keep people away from the real gem of the neighbourhood: the train tracks with squeaky, noisy trains that pass by the working class people’s bedroom windows. .

  2. What were you doing in that neighbourhood? 😉 I like everything about this shot… most of all the subject matter 😀

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