Reflections of Jerusalem – השתקפויות של ירושלים


«Reflect: to consider where we’ve been in life, where we are now, and where we’re going. […] This week , in a post created specifically for this challenge, show us an image that says reflection. It could be a person who helps you see things clearly, a place you go to collect your thoughts, or an object that reminds you of your achievements. You could also go for something more literal, like a reflection in water. Or something that demonstrates both interpretations of the word, as I’ve done in this shot.» – Ben, WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge

Enjoy my gallery: «Reflections of Jerusalem – השתקפויות של ירושלים»

What about you? Have you ever been to Jerusalem or are you planning to visit?

36 thoughts on “Reflections of Jerusalem – השתקפויות של ירושלים

  1. Fascinating reflections Cardinal, you catch such a wonderful vibrancy to the city. Enjoyed reading about the photographer with the Polaroid!

  2. Interesting images … like them very much. I’ve never been to Israel, but I sure hope to go at least once before this life is over.

    Let me ask you; do you speak Hebrew also?

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