Winter Scene in Black & White

Winter scene in black & white.

Winter scene in black & white.

This was my entry for Leanne & Laura’s «Monochrome Madness» challenge.
You can see the other entries here:

28 thoughts on “Winter Scene in Black & White

        • Yes, except for Oslo, the biggest village of them all, we hardly got any old parts left. I can remember coming with my father to where he worked at Lilletorget 1 on Saturdays, from his office window I could see all the old houses down towards Østbanen. A couple of years later it was all gone and we were left a big open hole about 8 acres big for 40 years before something was built there 😉

          • Oslo is our biggest village. The best time in Oslo is during the Christian holidays Easter and Christmas, because then all the ‘temporary city dwellers’ go home to visit their families.

            Oslo is quite nice without all it’s temporary citizens – the ones that moves to Oslo from the country side, but really hates ‘the big city’ and are just waiting to have kids, so that they can use them as an excuse to move back to the countryside.

    • The winter is too cold and it lasts too long. I find cross country skiing to be extremely boring and I don’t have the money to go downhill skiing or snowboarding. We also live in the city and snow is useless here – it turns into disgusting slush after a day or two.
      The only thing that’s good about winter, is to get a few winter photos. Winter for a week would have been perfect for me.

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