Street Cleaner


Someone has to clean up the mess after the weekend. This guy got the job.

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21 thoughts on “Street Cleaner

  1. What time do they usually clean streets over there? Here they do it in rush hour (crazy!!) This photo is fantastic, Max – the sprayed water, the male silhouette, and the shining windows. Very hi-tech feel! Was it shot in Oslo?

    • In the rush hour?!? That doesn’t make sense at all. Here they do it in the night-time and in the early morning when there’s no cars or people around. This was shot at Aker Brygge in Oslo.

  2. wow the lighting and the mist…wonderful! I like that you did it in black and white. I feel like this gives it a more simple feel, and can direct your eyes to the man. Great job!

    • Thank you Amanda. I also felt that black & white would help to lead the eyes towards the man, who’s taking up a very small part of the image, but yet is the main subject. Colour didn’t really add anything than confusion to this picture.

  3. Flott bilde!
    Konverteringa til B&W er perfekt!
    Støvskyene kan lett bli utbrendt, det er det ikke her!
    Kvalitetsarbeid dette!!

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