Walking Prayers


Jerusalem 2013.

Two Seconds to Better Photos: Try the Rule of Thirds

27 thoughts on “Walking Prayers

  1. What is flott? I hate to open google translator…. Did you use wignette blur? I like it a lot btw .. you could have kept it for next Thursday 😀

    • “Flott” means great / wonderful.
      I duplicated the layer and added a gaussian blur to one of them, then added a layer mask and used a black brush to mark the parts that I wanted to keep clear.
      I promise to come up with something similar for next Thursday 🙂

    • Thanks NW. In retrospect I would have loved a bit more “air” above his head, but when shooting street photography there’s sometimes not enough time to get everything perfect.

  2. Clearly Israel. Reminds me of seeing the Hassidic Jews of NYC. A social characteristic uniques to specific loactions on the planet. One of the most remarkable things to achieve in street photography.

    • I haven’t thought about it, but you’re actually onto something there: there’s not many places in the world that you can see hassidic jews and where they have their own communities. It really comes down to a selected few locations.

    • The leather box on his forehead is a tfilin (תפילין in Hebrew). It’s used on morning prayers during the weekdays and inside there’s a verse from the Torah (the Bible). Another part of the tfilin is the leather straps that they use around the arm and fingers. You can’t see it so clearly on this photo, but I’ll post one for you where you can see it better. The tfilin is worn to remember Exodus (god led the Jews out of Egypt).

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