Playing with Escalators

Leanne Cole was playing with escalators yesterday. I did the same a while back, but didn’t publish the result. Until now.


HDR escalators.


25 thoughts on “Playing with Escalators

  1. Fin rulltrappa!

    Usually in the malls you can get a lot of interesting reflections ‘n stuff. We were out on a photo walk here, one Sunday, we went to the downtown mall, but then the security guards came and said we couldn’t take photos. This was so ridiculous in this day and age, when everyone has a cellphone with camera. Just because we all carried these big, bulky cameras, they seemed to be all up in arms…

    • The same thing actually happened to me at this mall! When they realized I was a tourist it was OK.
      It’s true what you say: people constantly take pictures with their phones. I guess it must be the lens that scares the security guards.

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