A Tribute to Mom

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge this week is to post a three-picture-story. This is my story and this post is a tribute, not only to this mom, but to all the mom’s out there. Thanks for the effort! We owe you all much love and respect!

Click on the first image to see the gallery in order.

This post is also a contribution to Paula’s Black & White Sunday that you can find here: http://bopaula.wordpress.com/2014/02/23/black-white-sunday-a-castle/
Follow this link to see more entries for WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/02/21/weekly-photo-challenge-threes/

63 thoughts on “A Tribute to Mom

  1. I like the way you do things, not paying attention to holidays and anniversaries… For a second I thought it was Mother’s day, and I know it is not the kiddo’s birthday yet :D. This is a cool, unexpected gallery. TAKK, Max 🙂

    • Thank you Paula. You’re right: it’s not Mother’s Day and it’s too early for my kids birthday. My mom would have celebrated her birthday today if she was still alive, but I honestly didn’t think about it before you mentioned it, so it was pure coincidence.

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  4. This may be one of your best submissions my friend… well done. I love everything about these photos, the b/w, the compositions… everything. They tell an excellent story.

    • Yes, they are. Unfortunately there’s also mom’s out there that aren’t always taking care of their children, but the overwhelming majority is doing a fantastic job.

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  7. These are absolutely beautiful photos. I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am to have seen them. Amazing. Thank our sharing! I will use them in my post tomorrow as part of the DP Challenge – really appreciate it (will provide your copyright and link)!

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  13. Congratulations on your son and on having your photos be among the top recommended photos for the DPchallenge. I was easily inspired by your photos, and chose yours for my inspiration, thank you.

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