Travelling India

Know-All’s Box and myself had a conversation in his blog and it made me remember this song that I recorded with my friend Sjur 7 or 8 years ago. That’s when I decided to make a slide-show with some photos and the song. The lyrics are a mix between English and Hindi, with a few Hebrew words here and there – If there’s any wishes for it, I’ll include the lyrics.

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This is an entry for both Ailsa’s “Travel Theme: Romance” and Paula’s “Thursday Special”. Follow the links to visit their posts:

24 thoughts on “Travelling India

  1. Hey! I just loved the song!! You are a really multi-talented man!! And you play the guitar so well, too!!! Really glad that you took the troubl to post it on youtube…now I know how you sound like, Cardinal! 🙂

    • Ja, det var bare nesten at det fikk ordentlig galt. Når det gjelder mat så var det vennene mine som spiste pizza og denslags. Jeg har cøliaki og kan ikke spise pizza. Spiste derfor stort sett bare lokal mat som jeg visste var glutenfri.

  2. Is that your voice??? I can swear I have heard you somewhere :D. Max, I am honoured with this fantastic contribution to Thursday’s Special 🙂 Tusen takk my friend!

    • That’s my voice Paula. I guess that you’ve probably heard it on one of the other songs I’ve posted earlier. Sorry for forgetting about your post yesterday, but I didn’t remember that it was Thursday! I’m getting old!! 😀

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