Impressions from Alta II

Here’s the second gallery of photos from Alta. These are shot with my Canon EOS 600D. Like I mentioned in my previous post, the EOS 600D had difficulties handling the white balance at the ice hotel, while the Canon Ixus 130 reproduced the special light & colour pretty accurately. The greenish colour in yesterdays posts is therefore more true to reality than the blue you’ll see in this post.

Canon EOS 600D versus Canon Ixus 130

You can see that there’s a huge difference in how the two cameras registered the colours in this artificially lighted ice hotel.

But, before you decide that “oh, the pocket camera is actually better than the DSLR”, I just have to show you these two photos for comparison:

Canon EOS 600D versus Canon Ixus 130

EOS 600D with manual setting, Ixus 130 on full auto.

Here the EOS 600D was shot with manual settings, while the Ixus 130 was on full auto. The result would have been different if I’d used manual settings on the Ixus 130: then the Ixus photo would have been a bit better than what it is now, but the 600D would still rule.

Enjoy the rest of the photos from Alta and have a look at yesterdays post if you want to compare further. The dark season had ended, so we had two hours of full daylight when we were there!
“I began photographing the sunrise, but now, all of a sudden, I’m shooting the sunset…”   

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33 thoughts on “Impressions from Alta II

    • Interesting.. How do they do that? From the “reader”? I like the photos here, and your comparison of shots taken from both cameras is very interesting and useful…

      • Yes, they did it from the “WordPress Reader” just after I published the post. It’s kind of funny, because in the reader you just see a few of the photos.

    • Thanks for the feedback Francine. At this time of year there’s a short span of daylight every day and the light condition is very special compared to what I’m used to in Oslo.

    • I didn’t stay at the hotel, but the temperature inside is at -4 to -6° celsius. If you use the random Fahrenheit system, that would be around 24° Fahrenheit.
      For me it was enough to visit the place and take photos. When I was so cold that I couldn’t feel my fingers, I figured out that I had enough photos and rushed inside to heat up by the fireplace in the real hotel.

  1. Like Rosemarie I was wondering the same.:-) Is ist seriously expensive up there?
    Great shots again. And most impressive to see the difference between the two cameras!

    • Here are the prices from their website: (Today 100 NOK is about 12 EURO).

      NOK 150 per person
      NOK 75 children per person

      Accommodation, morning sauna and breakfast buffet, shuttle service to / from Alta airport.
      NOK 2150 per person
      NOK 1,150 children under 12 years

      Single supplement
      NOK 300 per person

  2. the stats are seriously messed up!! it happens to me all the time!! But, I sometimes really feel like going back to my old point and shoot…specially when I am walking for a long time with my heavy camera bag!! 🙂 Lovely series, as usual…wont there be a part 3? 🙂

    • There won’t be a part 3 unfortunately, because I have shown all the photos I took on the trip in this and the two previous posts… My camera bag isn’t that heavy, but when I bring the tripod it’s a hassle.
      Sometimes I also have the camera in my bag, but end up using the pocket camera just because it’s so much more convenient to quickly drag it out of the pocket.

  3. Thanks for finishing the tour, I love the chance to see new (to me) parts of the world through blogs. About stats – I’ve noticed Wednesdays bring a lot of “reader” likers who don’t click through to visit my full post… oh well, I just hope a few of them like what they see and choose to come back again later. 🙂

    • Thank you Mindframe. this was a new part of the world for me as well since it was my first time there.
      I’ll definitely return there. The place is famous for wild salmon fishing, but it’s very difficult and/or expensive to get a fishing permit. Even if I can’t fish in the Alta River for salmon, I can fish in the ocean.

      I’ve also noticed a lot of “reader likers” that don’t visit the post. I always try to visit the posts and preferably leave a comment, but sometimes there’s just not enough time to fully read everything (depending on the length of the post of course). Normally I just comment on photos anyway, because that’s most interesting for me.

    • Thank you Richard. As I’ve mentioned to others there was just a short time of daylight. Around 2 hours at the time we were there. Because of this the light was really soft all the time and there was never this sharp, hard light that you can get in the middle of the day elsewhere.

  4. I love it…But I think it is too cold for me!!!
    BTW: you do not have any more a “like” button? How do you know 10 people liked it and only two had been on the page? Sometimes I think the statistics are not very accute…

    • I don’t have a “like” button and I haven’t had one in this blog for a long time, but when people use the reader at to see the posts, they can still click like.
      So, even if I don’t have a like button, I still receive the occasional likes.

      • ok!!!! I was worried because sometimes the statistics say I have had only let´s say, 7 visitors, and I have 15 likes…. So, it must come from there…

        • Yes, it comes from the WordPress reader. In the reader it’s not possible to see the full post, but sometimes people click “like” – even if they haven’t seen the full post. The “visits” in the reader doesn’t show on your blog statistics, because they’re not actually visiting the blog – just reading an excerpt on WordPress.

  5. In some cases, it’s good to have a compact camera with you. It will never replace a dslr, but sometimes, the results can be slightly better if you are in a hurry and don’t have time for the camera settings

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