Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

I’ve been working/re-working on some old photos lately and one of them is suitable for this week’s photo challenge. These were shot on the Azorean Islands of Portugal back in 2012.

Azorean Islands, Portugal.

Rainy Night in Faial Island, Azores, Portugal.

A basket of figs, Azores, Portugal.


47 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

  1. Wonderful! I especially love your fig photo…brings back memories of my grandmother, a wonderful old time Italian immigrant who often cooked with figs and spoke so fondly and nostalgicaly of the trees back home.
    All these thoughts from just one photo! Thank you!

    • Thanks. It was plenty of good photo opportunities on our trip to the Azores. We would have liked some more parties and action as well, so next time we’ll probably choose Lisbon instead.

  2. All three of them are fabulous, but the middle one is so totally awesome! Reminds me a little of my all time favourite; those bottles you’d taken … can’t get over that one 🙂

    • Thanks Mr. Guest. Luckily there was this “challenge” on a photo forum that I’m part of, where the challenge was to go through your old photos and “remake” them.

    • Thank you Patti. Normally people hate it when it rains, but I’ll say that I was lucky with the weather and light conditions. We just came out from a restaurant and I had to tell my wife to wait in the entrance, because I had to shoot a few photos before we left 😀

  3. Incredibly praiseworthy. I really like the car shot the most. Very nice display of the mundane. I’d like to see more of this.

    By the way, I like to thank you so so much for mentioning my blog on that Best Photo Blogs. If I had known it then, I would of mention your name.

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