The Oslo Opera in B&W



There’s not much to say about this post. The title says it all really. If you want to see more photos from the Oslo Opera, you can follow my tag:

33 thoughts on “The Oslo Opera in B&W

  1. I really like these. The open shutter speed lets in the light and gives the lights the “star” effect. Then turning it black and white is excellent

      • I got about 50% of what Hans said, then I used my archenemy google translator to figure out the rest, and he screwed up this part ” og med etterarbeidet” ??

        • In Norwegian we use contraction of words, so ‘etterarbeidet’ is actually two words: ‘etter + arbeidet’.
          If you type these two words in Google Translate it will give you the direct translation which is ‘after work’, but when used in a photographic context like this, Hans is referring to the post-processing.
          ‘Etterarbeidet’, as in the work that’s done with photos after they’ve actually been shot.

  2. 😀 I knew it was a small aperture – yeah, I know the basics :D. I love the shots, Cardinal. I missed some of the posts on your primary blog…

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