Paula recently redesigned her blog and this inspired me to do the same. I’ve had the same looks here for 6 months or something and felt that a makeover would be refreshing. Besides, it’s not like I’m redecorating the house or anything – a new look for the blog is just a few clicks away.

The photos in this post where shot in & around Teknisk  Museum (The Technical Museum) in Oslo.

Check out Paula’s Thursday’s Special: All the ducks have left.

As you can see, even though I have redesigned the blog you can still find a lot of the material on their own pages, such as tattoos, recipes, etc.

Oh, and I forgot to mention: the new theme that I’ve chosen for the blog makes the blog load faster, because it’s no longer displaying all those large photos on the first page. It doesn’t really matter for me, but it does make a difference for those with slow internet connections.
The name of the new theme is Expound By Konstantin Kovshenin