Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon / A different view on Krakow

This is my entry for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge. The theme this week is «Horizon» and I’ve used a technique called ‘displacement map’ to blend these images together. Both photos are shot in Krakow, Poland. One on the streets of Krakow, while I shot the model in the studio of Pawel Wodnicki.


Weekly Photo Challenge: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/10/25/weekly-photo-challenge-horizon/

Pawel Wodnicki: http://www.pawelwodnicki.pl

Also check out Paula’s Thursday Challenge: http://bopaula.wordpress.com/2013/10/23/thursdays-special-e-u-tempu-sa-and-the-time-knows/


39 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon / A different view on Krakow

    • Like we say in Norwegian: Heartful thanks for the compliment.

      A horizon is – seemingly – an easy task to solve, but one can always think in layers, like I have done here. There are many good bloggers & photograhers out there, so I am confident that we will see several interesting interpretations.
      And, to be fair, the idea of blending two images together is not an idea that I originally came up with.
      But, yes; I believe you’re right and that we will see several sunsets, oceans and mountain tops. Then again: a lot of photographers really master the technique of capturing mountains and oceans (one of my WordPress favorites is Jeff Sinon http://jeffsinonphotography.wordpress.com).

      If you haven’t seen his blog, I strongly urge you to take a look.

    • Yes, I’ll tell you that before, when I’ve had ideas for things, I’ve been thinking: that’s a great idea, but I don’t have photos (my own material) that are decent enough to get the result that I want. Finally, now I have those photos and I can implement ideas that I’ve playing with for a long time!

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  5. Must have been an awesome experience, CG! …just as awesome as your picture.

    I didn’t feel very creative for this ‘Horizon challenge’, so … ocean it was LOL

      • Wonderful!
        Many years ago, my brother and I talked about going to Krakow. He had a motor bike back then and we would have travelled on that. Boy, that would have been something!!! He would have dumped me somewhere along the way [we don’t always get along all that well!] LOL I’m thankful it didn’t happen…

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