Commuters waiting for the train

Here are some bank slaves that are waiting for the train.

Commuters, waiting for the train at Oslo Central Station

Bank Slaves, waiting for the train at Oslo Central Station.

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16 thoughts on “Commuters waiting for the train

  1. The notion of slavery usually touches me, but not when bankers are concerned ;). I like your photo CG. It is cool to see bits and pieces of the underground life in your town.

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  3. On third thought …. you were not talking about bankers, right? Just working public in general, the ones whose pay checks are consumed by the banks? Silly me, again.. I’d better go back to my engineering translations 😀

  4. Slaves, maybe, but I don’t see us all as useless. There are those of us who fight the worst aspects of the system. We try to do it in ways that the system doesn’t expect, and sometimes we’re successful. That’s not being useless, that being cunningly resistant, and I like it.

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