20 thoughts on “Bryn

  1. I really like the blurred vision. The lack of depth makes you fill in the blanks with a story. A visual one.

  2. I also like both, but I’m very taken with that first shot – difficult to pull off a blurred shot, but it works really well – love the sense of suspension.

  3. It is equally interesting to see what your viewers have to say as much as looking at your pics. I am with George on this one :D. I loved the star effect in the first one, but clarity is my choice here.. the details, the colours 🙂 The first one makes me think of foggy mornings that we have here this week 😦

  4. I guess Hans likes the sharp one better too? Please respond and don’t let me check the google translator again 😀

  5. Two very different images Cardinal! The muted colours of the first add to the dreamy softness which is quite relaxing while the details and clarity of the second sparkle with energy. Both lovely shots!

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