Street Gallery August 2013 Part I

When my blog was celebrating 2 years a few posts ago, I promised my readers a little insight into my Street Photography Project that I’ve been having in August.

Picture 14

Picture 14

It’s been a part of a project through the Norwegian photo website I ended up with a lot of photos and eventually I had to split them into two posts. Here’s the first part of the gallery with a selection of Street photos, all shot last month. These are mostly shot in (or near) Tel Aviv. The quality of the images are varying, because they’re shot with different cameras, from moving vehicles, while walking, etc. In my opinion the images that you’ll see in Part II has a better consistency and an over all better quality, but you’ll just have to wait and see. In the mean time, enjoy this gallery:

Here’s part 2:

20 thoughts on “Street Gallery August 2013 Part I

    • Thanks. Tel Aviv is diverse, even than what these photos reveal. I’ll post more stuff from Tel Aviv later, then you’ll see architecture and such things. It’s an awesome city.

  1. A fascinating tour of Tel Aviv streets, thank you so much Cardinal. Your gallery reminds me what it is I love about anything street – the exotic which makes it special along with the everyday ordinary that brings home the point again and again of how much we all have in common as we go about the daily business of survival.

  2. I like. All of them. I enjoy seeing the photos of street life in Israeli cities. It’s entirely quaint or something. These are varied and interesting!

  3. I truly enjoyed this … a way to get a little insight in Tel Aviv, as I’ve never been there, sadly enough. The first one, I liked in particular..

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