Focus: Sleepy in Jerusalem

Here’s a small preview of what’s to come in my August Street Photo Gallery. I captured this guy as he was sleeping his way through the narrow streets in the old city of Jerusalem.


The Depth of Field isn’t extremely shallow, but still shallow enough to lead the eyes to the boy and the two women.  Theoretically I could have shot this at a different aperture to blur out the background even more, but here the background also creates the scene. Sometimes when you’re shooting street photography, you just have to be quick to get the image you want and then there’s no second chance.

More entries for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge here:

At the end of this month I’ll publish a street photo gallery with lots of photos from Israel. Make sure to check back if you’re interested.

52 thoughts on “Focus: Sleepy in Jerusalem

  1. Hat off to you for this capture! Beautiful ligt and composition. I love the story in the photo and thank you so much for this tutorial. Ha en god helg.

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  3. I’m not a photographer, but I am so impressed with all your photography! all of it is incredible!

    • Yes, typical kids. Must be nice to have a shoulder to sleep on like that.
      I hope everything is fine with you and your family. How old is your son now? Mine is a bit younger than yours and just turned 4 months.

        • Sleeping through the night! I love that kind of luxury! 😀
          10 months, I guess he’s crawling all over the place? You can’t just put him down somewhere and then do the things that needs to be done. We can do that now: if there’s dishes or anything, we can put him on the mat on the floor and he will roll around from side to side, but still he’ll stay in the general area where we put him. He’s not so mobile.

  4. I like the background in focus in the photo! I think that the colors of the clothes hanging around really add depth and character to the picture! 🙂

  5. I love how candid and authentic street photography can be. I don’t know that one could get this kind of genuine emotion with posed photographs.

    • Street photography can be fantastic, but there’s always a bunch of uninteresting photos in between the great ones. Even when the results aren’t great, they’re still fun to capture and it’s interesting to observe the city through the lens.

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