Two Years of ‘Quality’

Today in my notifications that we bloggers get from WordPress, it said:

«Happy Anniversary with! You registered on 2 years ago!».

Cool. I wasn’t aware that I had a ‘birthday’. Ever since I started this blog I’ve tried to live up to my motto:

“quality” blogging since August 2011

That has been my motto since I wrote it back in September 2011. This blog is still just a youngster, but in the two years that have passed, I’ve gained some followers. A small, hard core of those are active (and beloved!), some followers just stop by from time to time to say hello, and then there’s the large majority of  unknown, mysterious followers that all blogs have.

The post that you read now is my 399th post in this blog, so statistically I’ve (approximately) gotten one follower per post. Thank you very much to all you commenters and followers out there!

Two years of ‘quality’! Here are some things that I hope to get done before the next anniversary, plus some teasers of what’s to come:

  • I hope I’ll finish my next article in the series on the History of Tattoo (Very likely to happen)
  • Post a large gallery with street photography (it’s coming the in end of this month/beginning of the next).
  • I’m thinking about creating another “Gamlebyen – Then & Now” post (likely to happen).
  • Keep on posting graffiti, art and tits in my side-blog: art is horseshit. (it’s already happening).
  • It would have been awesome to visit another Stave Church (this probably won’t happen, because it’s expensive to travel in Norway).
  • Perhaps publish another recipe? (likely to happen).

Finally, here’s the thing that I’m looking most forward to:

  • Start my new series “Israel in the 70’s“.
    From one of my contacts I’ve been handed over some really great and original material from 1970’s Israel. This awesome and diverse set of photos also came with the permission to publish it in the blog. The photos are obviously old and worn, so they need some help in the form of digital remastering, but it’ll be fun to fix their scratches, put some digital make-up on and post them here. This series will start this autumn/winter, so stay tuned!

Thanks again to the readers and best of luck with your blog (if you’ve got one). Feel free to share your future blog plans in the comment section, and last, but not least:

Cheers to quality crap! 

31 thoughts on “Two Years of ‘Quality’

    • Thanks Kittie. Watch out so you don’t fall into the sea. Good to see that you’re wearing a vest. I’ve always thought that cats hated water, sea and boats…

  1. Happy Birthday to your blog! My blog had it’s 2 year in March – I got no such email, lol! Perhaps it’s because I have yet to crack 100 posts? So much slacking. I have plans to increase my blogging productivity though, let’s see if it works! I am looking forward to many more years of your blog, keep up the good work!

    • Whether you increase your productivity or not, I’ll continue to read your blog about life in Saskatchewan and other places that I’d never heard about before reading your blog.
      I’m especially looking forward to see if there’ll be more results from your photography class! Best wishes to Mercy!

  2. Happy happy birthday! I’ve been inspired by your blog and work, and I’m looking forward to your next 399 posts 🙂

    Speaking of tattoos, I wonder if you’ve ever looked into the history of tattoos in Japan? Even now, tattoos are still considered mildly taboo, and you’re not able to enter many hot springs and fitness gyms without covering them up with bandages. This is mainly because tattoos are still largely associated with the Japanese mafia. Quite interesting!

    • The tattoo series that I’m postring here is mainly an English translation of a Norwegian article that I wrote several years ago, but the English version is updated and better than the original Norwegian one.
      I’ve written about Japanese tattooing in the Norwegian article, but I haven’t translated it into English yet. If I remember correctly Japanese tattooing is the next part of the series.
      I didn’t know that tattooing was still considered taboo, it’s interesting to know and perhaps I’ll add the info when I write.

      Jen, it’s always delightful to check out your blog. I love everything about Japan and reading your blog makes me want to go there even more!

      • Sounds like an exciting project! I didn’t know that you were a writer, but I can definitely see it 🙂 It’s a coincidence, but just this morning, my student told me that they were rejected from entering the public pool because of his 2 small tattoos. They insisted that he wear a rash guard to hide them, but that defeated his purpose to get a tan. lol It’s amazing how traditional Japanese society can still be!

        Thanks so much for your kind comments, Max. It’s really been a pleasure getting to know you through your blog and the foodie pen pal program 🙂 If you ever do visit, you have a free trip consultant in me!

  3. Happy birthday Cardinal – love your posts and looking forward to much more! I wouldn’t mind seeing those Israel pix with the wear and tear, might be a nice bit of authenticity… Here’s to a few more years in virtual world.

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