One Shot, Two Ways

Love the weekly photo challenge this week: One Shot, Two Ways.  A horizontal and a vertical version.

Last night we visited family for Friday night dinner, so while they were preparing the food I went outside to capture the sunset and these photos.

I will rework these photos later, because now I’m working on a small laptop which isn’t suitable for post-processing photos.

Enjoy other entries for the challenge here:

28 thoughts on “One Shot, Two Ways

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  4. Look at you.. coming up with completely fresh photos :D. I went back and forward trying to decide which one I like better, but it is difficult – probably the landscape one. Which one is your favourite?

    • I’m not quite sure actually… The landscape one has longer lines – which I like, but the vertical has more water – which I also like.
      My favourite will probably be the HDR version that I was planning already when I shot these photos: I shot 7 bracketed shots of both versions, so I’ll have plenty of post-processing to do when autumn comes 😀

  5. Definitely the portrait one for me. The lines in the landscape photo lead you “through” the image, while in the portrait they lead you “into” the image. If that makes any sense.

    I also like that there is more balance between the straight and “S” curved leading lines in the portrait. In the landscape the straight lines steal the show.

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  7. Wow Cardinal, two great shots! To me the landscape is passive, I feel free to wander and enjoy whereas the portrait has an active pull, no lingering but a great ride!

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