Sunday Walk in Oslo

We’re still busy organizing the new apartment so I haven’t shot any new photos or commented much in blogs, but I do have these photos from last summer that I saved as a draft about a year ago. They’ve been patiently waiting to get published:

I like the WordPress feature “save draft”. It allows me to create a few posts when I have plenty of time and then publish them later on. How about you, do you use the save draft feature or do you write and publish all your posts immediately?


10 thoughts on “Sunday Walk in Oslo

  1. I use the draft feature to jot down posts to be developed otherwise they are forgotten! Your son must be keeping you both busy as well…

    • He’s keeping us busy that’s for sure! Things that were done quickly before, suddenly takes a whole lot longer. Things like getting out of the house: before we could just get ready and go out (at least I could – but I always had to wait for my wife), now we suddenly need to take a food break, or a diaper break in the middle of the process.
      The other day we went to a mall, got there, found out that we forgot some baby stuff at home and had to go back home, pick it up and then return to the mall.

      The draft feature is awesome, especially when working on time-consuming posts with a lot of text, but I also find it useful for photo posts that I might want to publish later (such as this one).

  2. Ah, the joys and trials of having a baby cheeks in the house. 🙂

    Yes, I use the draft feature all the time. I could never get a post together without it.

  3. I blame you for making me fall in love with Oslo. It’s so beautiful!
    The little bundle of joy is keeping you duly occupied, I see. 🙂

    I use the draft feature more often than not. I can never put together a post in one go.

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