8 thoughts on “coffee_1035

  1. Dazzling! This works so well. Perfect vertical reflections like UPC codes wrapped around metal.

    Excellent choice of high contrast B/W to enhance the details. I love this shot up and down!

    • Thank you very much Allan.
      I did a lot of dodging and burning on small details here and there in the post-processing of this photo, so it pleases me to hear such compliments from other photographers.
      Sorry for the late reply! Happy New year!

  2. This was a favorite of mine when I saw it. June? Where did the months go? I lost this blog and only got the Artishorseshit blog notices. Now, I found it again. Interesting how some images stick in our heads like this one.

    • I’d say that it’s unnecessary with blog notices on the artishorseshit blog, because it’s pretty much being updated with one photo every day (that is if you get notices by email – if you only get them in the WordPress reader it’s fine).

      Anyway, thanks for remembering the photo. To me this photo has this sort of cold, industrial, feeling to it, kind of steampunk, but still it has the human element there to soften it.

      • For some reason, it doesn’t affect me that way. It has a warm feel to me. Perhaps, it’s because I am such a coffee addict! Chuckle. The superb editing gets to me, I reckon! 🙂

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