A Collection of Oslo Photos

This is a collection of photos that I was planning to post, but just didn’t get around to publish in the blog yet. Instead of posting them one by one, I decided to put them all in this gallery – a  gallery of randomness. Most of them were shot this winter.

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24 thoughts on “A Collection of Oslo Photos

  1. P.S. After watching it piece by piece up close I feel pretty content with my hunger for great art entirelly satisfied. There will be no room for tacos tonight 😉

  2. Oh, that’s great. Beautiful combination and presentation. Very inspiring, I got a few new ideas now! 🙂 Have a great week.
    L♥ve from the Rhine Valley

    • We’re moving this summer and once we’re settled we’ll have a guest room, so you’re always welcome to stay with us (if you travel alone or together with 1 person).
      If you’re more than 2 people, or if you still prefer a hotel, I can do some research for you, but then I’ll have to know your approximate price range and the length of your stay.

  3. Your photos have such a quiet beauty to them. There’s such a stillness that you capture. Love it! Hope you’re doing well & prep for the new family is coming along!

  4. Just beautiful! I really must get out of the country so I can see these things myself – I did practice last week a little. I broke in my new passport by going to the US for the day, whoo hoo! Europe here I come 😉

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