Norway’s National Day 2013

Yesterday it was the 17th of May, the national day of Norway where we celebrate the constitution. Here’s a few photos from yesterday. If you want to see more photos, I shot many last year. You can also read about the 17th of May in the blog nebraskaenergyobserver.

I was planning to take a lot of photos, but as we arrived downtown it started raining heavily. When we managed to escape the rain we were already soaking wet, so we returned home.

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30 thoughts on “Norway’s National Day 2013

    • Takk. Jeg håper du slapp unna regnet. Da vi var nede i byen begynte det å fosse ned. Resultatet var at vi ble gjennomvåte og gikk hjem. Jeg hadde egentlig planer om å ta masse bunadsbilder, men jeg får forhåpentligvis sjansen til det neste år…

    • Yes indeed, they were handing out high fructose corn syrup in an attempt to assist people to get heart disease, obesity, cancer, dementia, liver failure and tooth decay.

  1. Interesting point of view you present for Norway’s National Day. Not so unlike San Francisco with the homeless and poor sitting on the street with a cup out for change, and those looking in trash cans. You capture reality here,

    • Thanks Angeline. The beggars on these photos are gypsies: they don’t live in Norway, but they come here to beg and steal for a few months before they return to their homes.

    • He was sleeping through the whole trip downtown. It started raining just as we arrived. We all got soaking wet and returned home. He’ll definitely enjoy the national day later, because in Norway it’s a huge day for the kids with a children’s parade, balloons, ice cream and different games and activities at all the local schools.

  2. Very nice! So is the national day sort of like a birthday for Norway? In Canada we have “Canada’s Birthday” or Canada Day on July 1

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