Taking it easy


Captured this scene downtown today. Some guys relaxing on a bench as people were passing by.


40 thoughts on “Taking it easy

  1. Herlig fotoarbeide og bra fotarbeide! 🙂
    Ha en god helg.
    Hilsen til deg i Oslo fra meg i Fredrikstad

    • It’s Karl Johans Gate (Karl Johans Street): the main street of Oslo, named after a French guy called Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte that later became the king of Sweden and Norway.

      «Charles XIV & III John, also Carl John, Swedish and Norwegian: Karl Johan (26 January 1763 – 8 March 1844) was King of Sweden (as Charles XIV John) and King of Norway (as Charles III John) from 1818 until his death. Before he became king, he was also the Sovereign Prince of Pontecorvo, in Southern Italy, between 1806 and 1810.» (Wikipedia)

  2. Love the dedication of the fellow blogger photographer standing in the water too !

  3. Herlig bilde skapt i kontrasten mellom biler og mennesker i bevegelse og folk som sitter og slapper av. Det er noe spesielt med Karl Johan – selv for en bergenser…

    • Som Osloborger må jeg innrømme at det er ekstremt sjelden jeg beveger meg i disse traktene. Det er kun hvis jeg skal noe spesielt, men de få gangene jeg er der så har jeg alltid med kamera.

    • I’ve never been to Paris, but I believe that the wallets aren’t burning because of the prices there? That’s why the people in Oslo and on this photo are in such a hurry: it’s their money that are actually on fire. This nation will crash and burn so hard the moment the oil age is over.

      To quote Peter Tosh: whatcha gonna do when your well runs dry?

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