Salty Sea is Eating Me



23 thoughts on “Salty Sea is Eating Me

      • We are all doomed eventually. It’s the journey that counts! Teach your child all that you can. the formative years are 0-3 IMO : ☽

        • I totally agree: it’s the journey that counts. Your comment actually popped into my head as I woke up this morning and philosophized about our relatively short journeys, circling around the sun. We only get somewhere around 70-80 laps and sometimes not even that.

          I’ll try to teach my child everything I know that’s worth knowing, but in the end he has to figure it all out by himself. Hopefully I’ll be able to give him a good start.

          • I have no doubt you will both give him a good start. You know I did not ever think of how many times we revolve around the sun! Morning food for thought!

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