Yet another Barcode

«Barcode» area again.

This is the photo from my previous post from this area:


EDIT: I’ve added a widget on the right side of my blog so that the archive is available for those interested.


22 thoughts on “Yet another Barcode

  1. Hello, how are you? I am going to Norway during the winter, january, and for a long time the day will not have a good light for shots. Maybe I even see a aurora boreal light (well, only if I am very luck, but it´s not impossible 🙂 Which cams you consider the best ones to make pictures at night in order of preference? THanks in advance!

    • The Aurora Borealis depends on your location. If you’re going to the North of Norway, there’s big chances that you’ll see the Northern Lights, but if you’re planning to stay in/around Oslo, or in the South of Norway, I can almost guarantee you that you won’t experience the Aurora Borealis.
      The light in January is very good for photographing because the sun is low on the horizon. The sun rises and sets early, so you don’t have to stay up all night in able to capture some really beautiful moments.

      What type of camera you use isn’t so important, the most important thing is that you bring a tripod and that you can change the shutter speed of your camera to take long-exposure photos (you can do this on all the modern DLSR cameras and on most of the digital pocket cameras as well).

      When you set up the camera on a tripod to shoot long exposure photos, it can be a good idea to use the self timer (or a remote) to avoid camera shake, but usually I don’t care – I just make sure to be very careful when pushing the shutter.

      If your camera is Nikon, Canon, Sony, (or any of the other brands), doesn’t matter at all.

      • Hello! Thanks for the answer.. When I planned (and booked) the trip I didn´t think about the Northern Lights, otherwise I would make a stop at North of Norway. But I saw some Aurora Boreal videos made at Bergen, so it gave me hope, because I will go to Oslo, but also Bergen… Maybe I am very luck :). Thank you for the tips, I still don´t have a DLSR cam, that´s the kind of cam I want to buy, but there are a lot of options and I get lost, because I am not a professional. And every site I see they say depends the reason you want the cam… and my mainly reason is to make good pictures at low light, even if I don´t see the aurora lights…hehe Would you recomend some cam for someone that is starting about DLSR cams (like me :D)? For sure your tips will help me very much, I will start to pratice with my pocket cam for now… Thank you very much! Hugs from Brasil!

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