New Toys! ND16 Filter and remote

Just came back from the shop after buying some new toys: a ND16 filter from ProZigma and a Hähnel Giga T Pro 2 remote. I’m looking forward to play with my new toys!


With the ND filter I can change the aperture or exposure time by four steps.

EDIT: Here’s a couple of shots taken with the ND16 filter. Now I don’t have to wait until the sun goes down before I can capture the movement of the trains.

19 thoughts on “New Toys! ND16 Filter and remote

  1. Being surrounded by qualified photographers( father , brother ,husband ,son) I fully understand what you feel …..
    Show your toys to your newborn and start him on photography!

    • I was about to, but then suddenly someone in our household (I won’t mention who…) decided that it was about the perfect time to take a shit and then pee all over the place. After this mess was cleaned up, the same person made it perfectly clear that a warm bottle of milk would be the next natural step, before demanding even more attention. So, I had to postpone it and I’m still looking forward to explore the new gear: especially to try out the interval timer settings on the remote.

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