Enjoy the Ride

One B/W and one color photo:


My son was born on Friday the 05th of April 2013.

Enjoy your ride on this planet. No-one knows how long the ride will last, we only know that we’re all in it for life.

I sincerely hope that your stay will be wonderful and I’ll do my best to give you a good start.

Love, dad

Like father, like son: they're both fond of tits.

Like father, like son: they’re both fond of tits.

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60 thoughts on “Enjoy the Ride

  1. Fantastic! Our congratulations and best wishes for health, wealth and happiness – before you can blink he’ll be taller than you!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! You both have been given a precious gift to love and nurture. May you be blessed throughout your son’s life. You both will learn a lot together.


    • I’m planning on being the kind of dad that does the best he can, both when it comes to raising a child and when it comes to getting a good nights sleep. So far I’ve already failed that last bit 😀

      Thank you for the nomination, but I’m not an award guy.

  3. Ohhh … congratulations CG!!! How wonderful … and so true — we’re all in here for life.

    Looking forward to hearing what you’re going to name him 🙂

  4. Awwwwwww! Congratulations! I am just catching up on my mail! Wonderful and so new!

  5. Shoot.. I think I saw this on google + and thought I had already commented here 🙂 What are his eating habits now? Does he keep waking you up at night?

    • Yes you commented on G+. Thanks for that. I get more comments here. On G+ people just click +1 and move on. +1 is Google’s version of facebook/wordpress “like”. Google+ is just a whole lot of clicking +1, almost like facebook/a blog without comments.

      Our son is eating and sleeping, but not always at sensible times.

      • 🙂 Give him a kiss for me, will you? I don’t check Google+ often so you will excuse me if I miss your photos there ;). talk soon CG

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