Disgusting Schweigaardsgate

Schweigaardsgate is one of Oslo’s many disgusting streets. The cold wind blows through it, at nights it’s always empty and now they’re erecting tall, public office buildings, to make sure that Schweigaardsgate will be even more dead, cold and deserted in the night-time.


Here’s a couple of shots of the Ford that I posted yesterday:



14 thoughts on “Disgusting Schweigaardsgate

  1. Urban wastelands….reminds me of the awful areas right outside Washington D.C. (in northern Virginia) where everything is cement and glass and just plain sterile!
    You caught a great shot though but I def prefer the Ford!

    • Thanks. Urban wastelands are horrible. You’ve probably heard the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words”, but in this case the picture is nothing but a great big lie, making the place look somewhat warm and vibrant.

      The car: A reader told me that the car is a Ford 26M, 1970 model.

  2. Notes from the planning meeting: “So, what we are going for here is an “urban wasteland” and I think the plans in front of us are spot of brilliant. Let’s spend lots of money to make it a reality”

  3. Great photo though Cardinal. What was the street like before these office buildings? Love the Ford – it looks as though it wants to tear down the Schweigaardsgate, or cruise through in more stylish times . . .

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