Spring time in Oslo

Finally the holidays have arrived and with it came the spring,  or at least a small taste of it. We went for a walk yesterday and, as always, I brought my camera.


29 thoughts on “Spring time in Oslo

    • Yes, it’s easter holidays so all the farmers have went home to visit their families on the countryside, plus the ski-fanatics have gone to their cabins on the mountains to get their last dose of cross country skiing on rotten snow for this season.
      It’s the best season to be in Oslo: all the morons have left.

  1. Great collection of cityscapes! Now I have a more precise idea about this town!
    I love the last photo with the street-light and the two shadows!

    • There’s still some rotten snow here and there, but soon they’ll start the spring cleaning of the streets in order to get them all nice before the National Day (our version of Independence Day) on the 17th of May.

    • It was just a little taste of spring, later the snow came back. Today it was windy and cold, but it’s getting warmer every day now. It’s a late spring this year.

      • I just keep saying we are making up for not really having a winter last year but having two this year, hopefully this straightens everything out.

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