Tutorial: Color the sky with Lightroom

Do you use Adobe Lightroom for your image editing? Here I’ll quickly show you how to get some more color on that bland sky. 

If I have a photo like this one, where the skies are a bit bland and boring, instead of changing the saturation of the whole image, I pull down the blue luminance slider. It makes the blue more dark and can really help to lift the sky in a photo.

Here’s the tip: Drop the blue luminance to add some color to the sky. That’s it! That’s all you have to do to improve a photo were the sky is a bit dull.

Of course I didn’t stop there (though I could have):

In the basic menu of Lightroom I also changed the setting for both black and white to get rid of some of the spots that were burnt out (hold in the alt/option key while dragging the slider – that way you can see the problematic areas). See image IMG_4644 and IMG_4644-3 to see the difference – you can easily spot it in the ice below the waterfall on the left side of the image.
Then I added some mid-tones by changing the clarity.
Finally I sharpened up the image.

9 thoughts on “Tutorial: Color the sky with Lightroom

  1. Another trick you can do is use the “target” tool (located right below the ‘hue’ label in the HSL panel) to target a specific color in the photo. This works with all of HSL. Drag up to increase and drag down to decrease. This way you can affect colors that are not represented by the sliders in the HSL tool bar giving you maximum control of the color you wish to manipulate.

    • Thank you very much for the tip Mark!
      It’s always nice to learn something new – especially since I am rather new to Lightroom. Your blog has some great photos and I’ll be following it from now.

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