Oslo Opera Panorama Remake

Ten days ago I made a panorama of the Oslo Opera House. I wasn’t quite satisfied with the result, so I decided to do a remake.

Version 2

Version 2

I've been shooting some panorama photos lately and this is one of them.

Version 1


13 thoughts on “Oslo Opera Panorama Remake

  1. Definitely an improvement on the first, the unnecessary dark part on the left is gone and everything fits better with the people and composition, well done!
    Have a good sunday, Ron.

  2. Oh Opera, I bet we’ll see more remakes in the future 😛 (Not because this is not already great, but because) the building begs to be photographed again and again! Maybe we’ll see each other on the roof some time this summer 😉

    • Skal ikke se bort i fra at jeg kommer til å ta flere bilder av operaen. Jeg vil faktisk si at sannsynligheten for at det vil komme til å skje er meget nært opp til 100%. Kos deg på Haiti!

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