Gallery: Details from the Oslo Opera

The Oslo Opera is and the surrounding area is, as you’ve probably noticed, one of my favourite places to take photos. I think the building itself is very nice and there’s also a lot of interesting photo opportunities in the neighborhood. On top of that it’s also in proximity to where I live and I’ve helped to build the Opera House (I worked in construction at the time).

I was thinking that a post containing some of the details of the architecture would be a great follow-up on my last panoramic photo of the Oslo Opera. You might have seen two or three of these photos before. Enjoy this gallery:

Wikipedia: The Oslo Opera House (Norwegian: Operahuset) is the home of The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, and the national opera theatre in Norway. The building is situated in the Bjørvika neighborhood of central Oslo, at the head of the Oslofjord. It is operated by Statsbygg, the government agency which manages property for the Norwegian government. The structure contains 1,100 rooms in a total area of 38,500 m2 (414,000 sq ft). The main auditorium seats 1,364 seats and two other performance spaces that can seat 200 and 400. The main stage is 16 m (52 ft) wide and 40 m (130 ft) deep.[2] The angled exterior surfaces of the building are covered with Italian marble and white granite and make it appear to rise from the water. It is the largest cultural building constructed in Norway since Nidarosdomen was completed circa 1300.[3]

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23 thoughts on “Gallery: Details from the Oslo Opera

  1. MR. Cardinal!!!!!… Hvilken vidunderlige billeder du har .. jeg elsker disse teksture som du viser. Arkitekterne er så dygtige idag til at lave noget smukt ud af noget “såkaldt” Moderne … Tak !!

      • Hej Cardinal, Du har ret, til en hver tid vil jeg foretrække de ældre arkitekter. ART DECO vil være den som jeg ville vælge for tiden 🙂

    • Haha, thanks. I was hoping to get elected. The Vatican desperately needs a pope that can create interesting headlines. 😀
      Bread and circus just isn’t the same without the circus.

    • The opera is a nice piece of architecture. I’ll see if I get to shoot some more photos of that waving wood wall from different perspectives next time I’m there.

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