Gamlebyen – Then & Now: Oslo Hospital 2

Gamlebyen_8553-thenAnother post from Oslo Hospital – Dollhuset for Afsindige.

Like the previous one this one’s also from the websites of Oslo City Archives and the original photo was shot in 1900 by an unknown photographer (most likely the same one).  You can see the area around Gamlebyen Kirke, with the cemetary on the left and Oslo Hospital og Kirke (Oslo Hospital and Church) on the right.

The current buildings are partly erected on the ruins of the old Franciscan monastery that was established around 1290 at the invitation of Duke Håkon. The adjacent bridge (the medieval Geitabru), is mentioned on several occasions in the Norse sagas and it was linking the western and eastern part of Oslo’s first city street: “Clemens Almenningen.”

From 1736, when Birthe Jonsdatter was pardoned by the king in Copenhagen for the murder of her newborn child, the hospital has been a psychiatric hospital. In 1777, it listed a so-called “Dollhus for lunatics.” This was demolished in 1938 and the current building was erected, designed by architect Wilhelm K. Essendrop. Hospital operations were in 1997 taken over by Oslo Hospital Psychiatric Hospitals Ltd, which is registered as a limited company under the business “institutions of Psychiatry.” The hospital currently has space for 46 patients and 90 employees. (Wikipedia)

As you can see from these photos things haven’t changed that much during the last 113 years:

The term “dollhus” comes from the Low German dol, “stupid”, “crazy”, or German Toll, “crazy.”

You can see the original photo and other historical pictures from Oslo here:
It’s also possible to have a look at my previous posts in the «Gamlebyen – Then & Now» series:

Things haven’t changed that much the last113 years, but in 1699 Jacob Coning painted this painting of Oslo Hospital:

OB.01004 Jacob Coning Oslo Hospital

As you can see: Oslo has changed quite a bit since 1699. You can read more about the history of the first insane institution in Norway here:

10 thoughts on “Gamlebyen – Then & Now: Oslo Hospital 2

  1. Amazing similarities – like going back in time. The only thing that spoils it are the cars! I often think the same about our lovely little narrow streets in England how nice they must have been pre-cars – now just ruined by having cars parked down both sides as old houses also have no driveways.

  2. By far, this has to be my most favorite series here. Love the juxtaposition… and it is heartening to see that the trees around the hospital have grown over the years and not cut down. That happens a tad too much over here in India.

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    • Det kommer mange flere poster som dette, har allerede tatt en hel haug med bilder etter å ha gjort undersøkelser. Må bare få tid til å sette meg ned og behandle bildene og skrive postene – et tidkrevende prosjekt blant alle de andre prosjektene!

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