Gamlebyen – Then & Now: Oslo Hospital

Gamlebyen-8559-thenHere’s my second post in the «Gamlebyen – Then & Now» series.

Like the previous one this one’s also from the websites of Oslo City Archives. The original photo was shot in 1900 by an unknown photographer.  You can see the area around Gamlebyen Kirke, with the cemetary on the left and Oslo Hospital og Kirke (Oslo Hospital and Church) on the right.

The original photos have been published under a Creative Commons License by Oslo Museum (Oslo City Archives).

You can find the original photos here:

And here’s my previous «Gamlebyen Then & Now» post: Gamlebyen – Then & Now: Oslo Gate

23 thoughts on “Gamlebyen – Then & Now: Oslo Hospital

  1. Did you persuade that person to stand there so you could compare the ages?

    Have you thought of using photoshop and putting the cars into the older photo 😉

    • Yes it is and there’s hundreds of old photos to choose from! Which means that if I want to, I can turn this into a neverending project (I won’t, but it’s nice to have the option).

      • Quite a few, old buildings are still standing and there are oodles of old pictures of Saint John. I could do it too … I’ll think about it..

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  3. I really like this series of shots. When I was first looking at them I had the same question as Alastair, had you asked someone to stand in the same spot? I see that you did, that was, in my opinion, and excellent idea.

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