I don’t know why she’d see me

It’ll be mannequin time for a while here in the blog!

«Mannequin comes from the French word mannequin, which had acquired the meaning “an artist’s jointed model”, which in turn came from the Middle Dutch word manneken, meaning “little man, figurine”»

Furthermore, each mannequin will be accompanied by a quote from a song. Kudos and great honour to those of you who’ll know which song each quote is from (without searching the internet for answers of course).

I don't know why she'd see me I don't know what else to be  I'd like to think she cried for me

I don’t know why she’d see me
I don’t know what else to be
I’d like to think she cried for me

If you can/will: name the song, or join the mannequin party by posting your own mannequin photo (together with a quote from a song).

28 thoughts on “I don’t know why she’d see me

  1. Dinosaur Jr.’s “I don’t think so” from 1994.

    the mid 90s is my FAVORITE era of music which is wierd because I’m old. 😉 I LOVED so much of what came out then, and know waaayyyy more than anyone should about it!

    • Fabtastic!! That was quick! (just realized that I wrote fabtastic instead of fantastic, but I’ll leave it like that: it can be a mix of fabulous and fantastic).
      Your answer, Dinosaur JR, is of course absolutely correct!
      I’ve also been a fan of Dinosaur JR since the early 90’s and I’m going to their concert in Oslo this coming thursday! 😀

    • No problem. I’ll be posting mannequins for the next week or two, so you can always join in later if you want to and if you find a suitable mannequin.
      (you know what they say: a good mannequin is hard to find)

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  3. What a fantastic idea, Cardinal!
    I doubt if I’d know the songs, but I’m looking forward to discovering some great music.

    • At least the old ones had heads, eyes and facial features. The modern ones are often headless, or at best faceless and anonymous.
      I remember my dad used to have a couple in the basement, it was a bit scary to go down there alone when I was a kid (too vivid imagination).

      • Oh yes, as a child that would have scared the hell out of me! Instead I mostly had dead animals to scare the day lights out of myself with. At home we lived by the valley so mice and rats would sneak into our house and then eat poison and elegantly die in middle of a room or on a step (until we got cats and then the mouse and rat problem ended) and on the farm there always seemed to be discarded excess cats (no time for sentimentality on the farm, if there were extra cats wondering around they got shot and tossed in the bluff) and dead calves and dead deer… good times :S or the time I tripped on a discarded deer hoof and almost landed on a calf. Despite all of this – I still found the mannequins just as scary, because as you say – imagination!

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