Gamlebyen Skole

Gamlebyen Skole, Oslo

Gamlebyen Skole, Oslo

Gamlebyen Skole is a primary school in the borough of Gamle Oslo (old Oslo). The school was founded in 1881 under the name Oslo Skole and then consisted of a 3 storey building. In the early 1990’s the school was completely renovated and reopened in 1994. Today the school is home to about 250 pupils aged 6-12. 38% of them have Norwegian as their native tongue.

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43 thoughts on “Gamlebyen Skole

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  2. Great light to enhance this photo. What a wonderful school. I went to a grade school also founded in the 1800s by the Ursuline nuns. It was incredible, the buildings and the grounds are still preserved as an art center now (this is in San Antonio, Tx)

    • Thanks. The lights are cool, especially now when it’s the dark season: the street lights are coming from different angles which, combined with the reflecting snow, makes it quite spectacular.

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  4. the lighting here is striking. and thanks for the history. what are the native languages of the other 62%? but wow, the 90th century. i didn’t realize how the time has passed 😀

    • 90th century = the google translate 90’s. Swinging times for sure 😀 (I’ll correct it now- thanks). The other native languages are mostly urdu, arabic and somali.

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