More Winter Photos from Yesterday’s Walk

More photos from yesterday’s walk. Skipping home:

You can also see a summer/autumn photo from the same river in this post: Hønse Lovisas Hus

23 thoughts on “More Winter Photos from Yesterday’s Walk

    • They might look a bit like that, but Japan is waaay cooler than Norway. Japan is on top of the awesomeness scale.
      No, wait. Let me rephrase: Japan is actually so cool that it’s not even on the awesomeness scale, because all the other countries couldn’t handle the competition. Japan is hovering above the awesomeness scale.

  1. Oh, these make me miss our old home in the sierras (mountain chain in California). I think…hard to pick, but I think my favorite of this bunch is the one with the bridge.

    • So you don’t have to slip around in wet, grey/brown mush when the temperature rises? Not having snow can also be good 🙂 (but personally I would have missed the winter)

  2. Gotta love Norwegian winters. I have been there once during the summer. You are very lucky to live in such a beautiful country.
    All your photos are amazing! 🙂

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