Sørenga / Bjørvika II

Here’s a gallery of recent photos from Oslo. 

On the photos you’ll see the Eastside of the Opera house (with tiny red slave barracks), the Bjørvika area, Sørenga and the financial district they’ve named The Barcode.


18 thoughts on “Sørenga / Bjørvika II

  1. BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS. The dark skies, bright lights and mirror waters are amazing combinations that you have photographed so well.


  2. Very nice photos of a extraordinary building – seen from a different perspective. Very well seen and captured, my friend.

  3. these photos are just stunning!! i saw oslo in august last year, a very lovely city.
    thanks for checking out my blog!

  4. I couldn’t like each photo individually cause some of them would not open … it is just my work pc; I am sure it has nothing to do with WP. I am starting to appreciate the night 😉

  5. Skylines at night are such a sight. I wish I could go roam around the streets of Delhi at night but unfortunately, that is never an option.

    I adore that little structure by the water; presents an excellent contrast to all the concrete giants. 🙂
    What is it?

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  7. ok, this totally changes my perception of construction cranes lol …they look beautiful in your photos 🙂
    have you used an ND filter?

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