Beyond Weekly Photo Challenge


“Do you have a photo which invites the viewer to look beyond?”


36 thoughts on “Beyond Weekly Photo Challenge

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    • The bridge is between the central train station and the opera house. There’s a lot of junkies in the area, but now there are less of them because it’s winter. The police have also chased some of them away (they used to hang around at a adjacent park). I believe Oslo is somewhere on the top of the “most junkies per capita” list.
      Currently (the last decade) there’s been a lot of construction in the area as well, so it’s not very nice – but it’s getting better.

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  4. Love the perspective here. Someone else mentioned that it looks futuristic, and it certainly does have almost a Bladerunner feel to it – I need to watch that movie again!

    • Hopefully they’ll finish the construction work in the area some day and remove this temporary bridge, but the area has been in development for the last 13 years and they still have a lot of construction plans there… Norwegians are unbelievably slow and they hardly accomplish anything when it comes to projects like these.
      We should have hired some chinese to do it, they would have gotten the whole area done in 3 years for 1/10 of the price.

      • That reminds me – I will need to walk down to our Victoria Bridge, the took down just part of it, the part that connects it from the road to the part that is over water because it’s not safe to drive on. They didn’t just demolish the whole thing though because it’s going to cost too much. They said that “some day” they will demolish it and build a new one. So I hear you, we take a long time to do things too. I don’t even know how long it’s been taking them to complete the freeway, I stopped paying attention, I hate the freeway.

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