22 thoughts on “Norwegian Winter Mountain

      • I LOVED that picture- All I know about you Oslo I learned from you so I just merrily followed you down that path 🙂

        • I’m glad to hear that you learn stuff about Oslo in my blog 🙂
          The landscape around Oslo is pretty flat and we have a fjord (The Oslo Fjord). There are some hills around here, but no mountains.

          • I really didn’t know that and nothing will ever beat those ice skating videos- especially the sound effects! So where were those spectacular mountains?

          • These on the photo is in the North of Norway, but we also have some great mountains on the West coast. Spectacular mountains divided by narrow fjords.

  1. Rebe asked the question that I wanted to ask :). I watched a documentary about Norway the other night – looks very beautiful and exotic to me and even more so in this shot.

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