21 thoughts on “A Scania Veteran Truck

  1. I love this one much better than the previous. This one has a warm feel to it. What is the color of brown on the truck? I have the name on the tip of my tongue….I’m thinking it’s the name of a color of a shoe polish that my dad used years ago.

    • Difficult question to answer, because the truck isn’t mono colored, but has a wide arrange of red/brownish/pink colors, with some of the brown spots even being borderline green.
      If you sample the color 3-by-3 average, one of the results you’ll find is that the color is #663300 (you’ll also find 330000 among others).
      #663300 is the Hex color number and it’s based on the RGB scale (for web), while CMYK is for print.

      Here’s more info on the color:

  2. I have seen the truck before 😉 but this photo? WOW… I love it .. it looks like an old poster from the 40’s – 50’s Superb done!!

  3. I have always loved this truck. You are getting better and better at post-processing.

    This is beautifully detailed. 🙂

  4. Wow, this would look fantastic blown up as a poster! The colours are so rich and earthy and it has a nice warm vintage feel to it, very nice.

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