Cat Got a Good Treatment

He was bland, he was boring, he was lazy. So I had to frisk him up a little. 


The original file was a .jpg file that I opened as .raw in Photoshop. I turned down the exposure by -0,65, added a lot of contrast and some clarity. Then I used the lens vignette filter and sat the slider to about -15 to center the focus a little. When I was pleased with the settings I opened the file.

The first thing I always do after opening a file is to make a copy of the layer. Make sure you never work on the original. I changed the settings in the HDR toning (Image – adjustments – hdr toning). After having done that I was still not satisfied, so I added a tiny touch of lens blur effect and then a saturation layer for the eyes.

31 thoughts on “Cat Got a Good Treatment

  1. I like him even before the treatment 🙂
    I don’t have that HDR thing in my PS … probably because you have a newer version [I have CS4].

  2. So you took it in Jerusalem? I love the way you edited it and it was very interesting to hear your steps .. I have to say I do the same ones on many of my photos in lightroom :). This is cool CG.

      • Yes, you have told me that before and I can see you mastered photoshop excellently. I understood lightroom can never be as powerful as photoshop except probably in minor modifications. I would like to try it some day. I find photo editing very relaxing and absorbing… the problem is to know when to stop 😉

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