Rusty thing and new old font

I have no idea what this thing is for, but it was worth a picture.

Rusty thing I found one rainy autumn day...

Rusty thing I found on a rainy autumn day back in 2012…

I had some old cd’s lying around that contained back up from my prehistoric, ancient computer. The cd’s were so old that they were unreadable for the modern day hardware, so I had to rip out the cd-rom from the old computer and install it into the new one  to be able to read the cd’s. The old cd burner was so slow that it took around 9 hours to copy the files from the cd onto the hard disk. Eventually it worked and after two days of copying old material, I could finally have a look at all the old files. Among the files I found a whole bunch of fonts that a friend gave me. The font I used on this photo is called HourPhoto.

22 thoughts on “Rusty thing and new old font

  1. looks like the body of an old string instrument…? great effort to salvage old pics!

  2. I like the font. It’s like a film strip. I still have a whole slough of floppy disks! I was obsessed with storing stuff back then.

    I like the picture [and the comment about a tetanus shot]… it has texture to it..

    • Hehe, floppy disks , they were useless! 😀 I remember we used to download music when we were at school and then brought the music home on floppy disks. Our bags were full of them!
      Floppy disks are already such ancient technology that even the terms used when mentioning them are ancient: For one album you needed something like a gross of floppy disks that costed a knight’s fee.

  3. How big is that rusty thing? Now i am curious… Glad to see that I am not the only one with old files on legacy systems (there is a Centris in my warehouse…) at least you were able to salvage something cool off it – great font!

    • The thing was pretty big. It was lying under a temporary metal bridge in an area where they’re doing some construction work. The length was, if I remember correctly, approximately like the size of my foot (which again is probably more or less like your foot +/- ).

      Centris, that’s some old school stuff there. Luckily I’ve now transferred my files from my legacy system, so now I’ll just have to wait a few days/weeks before my recent system also becomes a legacy system and then repeat the process 😀

      • Curious, your rusty thing – makes a great paperweight though! We are stuck in a vicious cyber circle, sometimes I feel like the legacy system…

  4. This one did not appear on my reader ….. WHY??? I like this font and that rusty object is so well photographed …. Was it in a park or on some dumping site? Keeps me intrigued….

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