Police Horses in Snow

Went to capture some photos at a protest demonstration in Gamlebyen, Oslo today.

It was a cold day for both police, journalists, animals and demonstrators.

It was a cold day for both police, journalists, animals and demonstrators.

The police were there and they’d put on their riot gear and brought their horses, but the protest was conducted without any violent episodes. After a couple of hours the protesters returned to their homes, which was very nice for all the police officers & journalists because we all had cold feet.

33 thoughts on “Police Horses in Snow

  1. Dejligt at se norsk politi stadig bruger heste – dansk politi har sparet deres væk nu – det er ærgerligt synes jeg… :-/

    Very well captured… 🙂

  2. Herlig bilde av politihestene i snø.
    Skjønner godt at du prioriterte dette motivet!
    Godt komponert!
    Ha en utmerket søndag!

  3. I read your other post and wondered what the white balls were. I am against physical confrontation as the authorities will always win. I especially like the protection over the horses eyes!!

  4. I’m a bit disturbed by the idea of dragging horses into human confrontations. But then I think perhaps I should be more concerned about the humans. This was a very thought provoking image for me. Thanks for posting it.

    • In the 1980’s some punks held a demonstration in Oslo. The demonstration got out of hand and escalated. Afterwards some of the punks went to a bar called Stortorvets Gjestgiveri for a beer.
      The chief of police at the time (his name was Willy Haugli) decided to arrest the punks and sent some police officers into the pub accompanied by dogs.
      Of course this resulted in a lot of chaos and punks that got bitten by police dogs. Later, when the press asked him why he decided to use dogs, he replied:

      Well, it was because it was impossible to get in with the horses.

        • I wish that we had a funny and colorful chief of police today (like the one we used to have), but things aren’t what they used to be. Now even the police is supposed to be 100% politically correct at all times.
          These days the police always sends a press spokesperson, that delivers carefully planned speeches and blah, blah, blah.
          Political correctness and conformism is killing Norway.

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