Sagene Kirke

Two brand new photos from Sagene Kirke.



More from Sagene Church in this post:


23 thoughts on “Sagene Kirke

  1. Reblogged this on Faces Places Paces and commented:
    10 days to Christmas and the Cardinal has come up with a real gem.
    Take a look at his photographs of Sagene Church.
    I love the first picture. The architecture, the snow, the somber skies and that frilly little Christmas Tree in the corner. Absolutely marvelous!
    The second one reminds me a little of Dickensian settings. 🙂

      • I love B/W but it just has to work, sometimes it doesn’t.

        I use what works. I see in colour, not B/W but I can conceptualize what a scene is likely to look like in B/W. This aspect of composition is a bit hit-n-miss but but I usually conceptualize well enough to figure out which images to convert to B/W or tone, and which ones to leave as colour.

        I’ve done a lot of colour work. More than what I’ve shown on my blogs, Facebook or Flickr.

        Use whatever works.

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