Delicate Oslo

Delicate Oslo? Delicate is an adjective. If you look up the word at, you’ll find that the definition of the word is: «dainty, weak»

Oslo Cityscape by

Oslo Cityscape by

When I shot this photo the chimneys caught my attention. It looks a bit like they fill up the sky with whatever it is that they’re spewing out.

Synonyms for ‘delicate’ can be:  aerial, balmy, breakable, choice, delectable, delicious, delightful, elegant, ethereal, exquisite, faint, filmy, fine, fine-grained, finespun, flimsy, fracturable, fragile, frail, frangible, gauzy, gentle, gossamery, graceful, hairline, mild, muted, nice, pale, pastel, rare, recherché, select, shatterable, shattery, slight, soft, subdued, subtle, superior, tender.

So, which one of these synonyms suits Oslo? I guess an eclectic mix.

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52 thoughts on “Delicate Oslo

  1. Ja ja… Norska klarar jag av att förstà… Jag har varit i Narvik, jag älskar den staden, men aldrig i Oslo… Skulle kunna tänka mig att flytta till Norra Norge… FIn bild! Pratade med en Norska idag…

      • Gör det, det är det värt! Vad jag saknar Norden här i Paris, Norra Sverige och Norge, skriver pà en historia som utspelar sig i Jämtland, jag skulle triva bättre i Narvik än här i Paris…

    • #.maria de suede
      Narvik har en av Norge vakreste alpine fjellene (Fagernesfjellet), hvor det er mulig å stå på ski fra over 1000 meter over havet nesten ned til havnivå – omgitt av den vakre Ofotfjorden… 🙂

        • Alta – har vært der en gang – i 2001 – spennende byen, på den tiden byen hadde nylig fått status som en by – historie tilbake til steinalderen – vakker natur – interessante mennesker med ulik bakgrunn også samisk – kjempefint… 😉

      • Ja, det en av de vackraste ställena som jag har sett, jag har ju varit i Öststaterna och besökt en hel del platser i Frankrike, men jag skulle snabbt acceptera ett jobb i Narvik… ☺ Ledsen för “°” inte fungerar…

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  3. I would chose the delicate lace of the trees silhouetted in the back ground and the lighting….

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  6. Love this shot, CG. My favorite detail are the twin funnel clouds coming from the smokestacks in the upper left — how they connect sky and earth in a uniquely urban way.

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  10. Delightful, parts of it anyway 🙂 And also growing and changing – that’s what your photo makes me think about anyway! The sky is just great, and really nice composition!

    • Glad you like my composition. This city is definitely growing and changing. A lot of people complain about the growth and it causes them much distress to see the world change rapidly, but the people who rent out or sell housing are delighted.

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  12. This is the first time I heard of gossamery 🙂 Your photo shows Oslo as exquisite, filmy, aerial, subtle, superior and many other things that are not covered by “delicate” The chimney fumes give it an etheral quality.. no doubt about that. I really enjoy your night photography CG…. Too bad there is only 5-star option 😉

    • Thank you very much for the compliment dear Paula.
      Gossamery was new to me too and I had to look it up. The challenge now is to remember the word and its meaning 🙂

      • Oh yes, that’s quite a challenge … I usually have post-its on my desk with different words in different languages and the best trick to remember them is to use them in a funny sentence.

  13. i love the way your night photos hint at what is underneath… all those lights of people’s households, you can almost hear the heartbeat and hum of life…

    • Thanks. Night photos is my favourite, love shooting them. I also like action shots, but it’s easier to find a night than it is to find action in this town 🙂

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  17. That’s such a strange effect with the chimneys and the cloud – it turns the picture from a straightforward beautiful cityscape into something more oppressive and claustrophobic. Nice.

    • Thanks Richard. It adds some sort of gloomy feeling to the picture. A picture of the modern society, where we are in the active process of trying to poison ourselves to death in the name of profit.

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  19. A stunning image. Reading these posts backwards, it’s intriguing and somewhat chilling the contrast between this tranquil delicacy and the protest pix. Thanks for sharing them both.

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