28 thoughts on “Santa Helena at Ponta Delgada

  1. I’m not sure – you could see the metal pole as being like the grit in the oyster – it’s the first point of contrast in the picture, it acts as a dividing line, and leads your eye to the rusty trawler. Looking from the Santa Helena to the trawler and back again, the Santa Helena looks much prettier. Very interesting shot.

  2. Didn’t really draw my eye to it until you mentioned it – was too busy looking at the stencilling and the texture of the hull – photoshop it out!

  3. No I disagree , it anchors the picture. My question is …what was it ? A flag pole? Not IN the boat right?

  4. It’s funny how we want our photos to be so perfect. This is a wonderful shot as is, a realistic photo. The pole isn’t that much of an issue.

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